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Ananya Panday is returning to the big screens this Friday, with her rom-com ‘Dream Girl 2‘. The film will see the beauty playing Ayushmann Khurrana‘s love interest, and as the trailer suggests, winning this beauty’s hand in marriage will not be an easy task.
Ahead of the release of the film, ETimes got Ananya on the hot seat, where she spilled the beans about matters of the heart, and didn’t shy away from addressing concerns about her love life taking the spotlight away from her professional life.Keeping in mind her role and loveable character Pari we asked Ananya, what she thinks her father Chunky Pandey will demand when Mr Right asks for her hand in marriage. “Oh, God. I think my dad is his own benchmark,” she said.
Revealing some points her future husband should keep in mind, she said, “They have to be as kind, as loving, as funny as my dad. That’s the benchmark for me. My dad’s just the best person ever. So, they have to be exactly like that.”

Ayushmann Khurrana & Ananya Panday Interview: Dream Girl 2, ROMANTIC Relationships, & More

Ananya, who made her film debut in 2019, just months before the release of the first part of ‘Dream Girl’, has been hounded by romance and link-up rumours. We asked the star if she ever felt that the buzz around her personal life overshadowed her professional life. “I don’t think it’s come in the way,” she began and added, “I think, unfortunately, I’ve not had a release for the last year as well. So, maybe the conversation has been slightly about my personal life in that time being.”

Sharing her excitement about her upcoming film slate and her hope for more chatter about her film and OTT projects, she added, “I have a lot more films coming up now. As an actor, unfortunately, this is a part of our job. And we have signed up for this. We have signed up for being in the public eye. But I think the hope and the attempt is that people focus on my work. And hopefully, I give people a more exciting life on screen than my life is in real life.”
Unlike Ananya, her hunky co-star Ayushmann, seemingly manoeuvred past the link-up, break-up and gossip columns, much thanks to his ‘happily married’ relationship status. “I think you made a smart decision,” came Ananya’s honest reaction.

This prompted Ayushmann to say, “It really doesn’t matter actually. Like, it depends on you as a person. You’re married, you’re not married, gossip will be there, but it depends on you. Even if you’re single, or you’re married, there will be gossip. So, I don’t think there’s any deterrent to the relationship status. It’s you and your character maybe. I don’t know.”
‘Dream Girl 2′, helmed by Raaj Shaandilyaa and co-starring Manjot Singh, Rajpal Yadav, Paresh Rawal, Asrani, Manoj Joshi, Seema Pahwa and Vijay Raaz, will hit theatres on August 25.

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