Ameesha Patel retracts her homophobic statements on homosexuality and gay-lesbianism on OTT; says, ‘was misunderstood’ | Hindi Movie News

Actress Ameesha Patel recently faced criticism on social media for her comment on OTT platforms ‘being full of homosexuality, gay-lesbianism’.
However, now the ‘Gadar 2’ actress retracts her remarks, asserting that a certain section had misunderstood it. Ameesha even expressed her desire to work in web shows.
In an interview with India Today, Ameesha shared that the section was misunderstood because she has nothing against what is going on on OTT at all.
Eloborating further, the actress added that she only used to hear from people who put the child lock on to a lot of the shows and things like that because the audience can’t watch 90% of the OTT with family.
The actress added that there is too much abusive language or too much nudity or violence, it is dark content and we want family content.
According to her, a grandchild can sit with a grandfather with everyone in between and watch a wholesome family film’. Which is what she had said was missing for a long time.
Meanwhile, Ameesha is currently basking in the glory of ‘Gadar 2’s success. The film hit the big screen on August 11, 2023. It also stars Sunny Deol and Utkarsh Sharma in pivotal roles.

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