AI-generated images of Sushant Singh Rajput go viral, netizens give mixed reactions: see video | Hindi Movie News

One of the most loved actors of his generation, Sushant Singh Rajputpassed for his heavenly abode three years back. While the actor is surely missed, his fans find unique ways to keep his memories alive and one such fan, who is also popular as his doppelganger, took the help of AI to create an almost identical replica of his face and shared it on social media.

The user, who goes by the name Donim Ayaan shared this video…

The video received mixed reactions to the same. A couple of fans got emotional seeing what looked like Sushant in flesh and blood. “Aisa lag raha hai God ne Sushant Singh Rajput ko wapis bhej diya ho, ” said one. Another commented, “Omg itna same….. Ab Sushant ki kami mehsoos nahi hogi….”

However, others slammed the user for using Sushant’s name to get publicity. One user said, “This is an AI generated character! What’s happening to people these days! Would do anything to get views!” Another user wrote, “It’s fake Ai Generated , using

SSR for a fame… unfollow him.” A user commented, “Guysss, chill.. it’s a photoshop .. ism @kunal__tomar ka video use hua hai . He’s not sushant.”
Sushant Singh was found dead at his Mumbai residence on June 14, 2020. As per the police and CBI, he died of suicide.Watch Sushant Singh Rajput’s lookalike goes viral; netizens question if his look is AI-generated

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