Adhyayan Suman reveals why he spoke about breaking up with Kangana Ranaut in 2017: ‘I faced backlash but I don’t regret it’ | Hindi Movie News

Adhyayan Suman had received a lot of backlash after he had opened up about his break up with Kangana Ranaut in 2017. The actor has now revealed why he chose to talk about it in public.

Adhyayan said that he doesn’t regret speaking about his relationship publicly and sharing graphic details about what transpired between the two. According to him, there were no press conferences arranged and he never created a hullabaloo.

Adhyayan further added that every coin has two sides.People knew the other side of it. He wanted to speak up just once and not discuss it any further. According to him, when you’re in the public domain, there are so many opinions and judgments passed about you that sometimes it’s important to clear things out.

He also went on to say that if he was publicity hungry, he would’ve spoken about it back in 2009 when he had the relationship and not in 2017. According to him, you don’t get work because of your affairs but because of your talent. The actor added that people judged him back then but then they came back and apologised to him after he spoke about his side of the story. Although he faced backlash, he doesn’t regret it at all.

On the work front, Adhyayan is all set for his debut directorial venture tentatively titled ‘Airport’. It is reportedly a slice-of-film and is set to go on floors by the end of the year. He also intends to direct another film starring his father, Shekhar Suman.

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