Abhishek Bachchan reveals the valuation of his kabaddi team and it will blow your mind | Hindi Movie News

Abhishek Bachchan who is seen playing a cricket coach in his upcoming film Ghoomer is actually a sports entrepreneur for nearly 10 years now. He owns a kabaddi team and a football team. Talking about his decision to venture into a sport like kabaddi, he said that it was a shot in the dark.
During his conversation with Raj Shamani, Abhishek revealed that he doesn’t have a business acumen, and that all his business decisions have been counter intuitive to what he was taught a business should be like.He further stated that when he bought his kabaddi team,Jaipur Pink Panthers, he didn’t know anything about how to make a team, maintain a team, what is the running cost etc. He said it was purely a shot in the dark with just the instinct and belief that people will watch the game.
Abhishek also highlighted that the team which was started on a shoestring budget, is today valued at 100s of crores and that is the result of 10 years of hard work. He also revealed that he hasn’t checked by how many times his investment in the team has multiplied, he does that only when he wants to sell off his stake but he has no intention of doing that for now.

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