aashram season 1 download telegram link, Mx Player, Afilmywp

aashram season 1 download telegram link, Mx Player, Afilmywp

Aashram season 1 download telegram link, Mx Player, Afilmywp

In this article, we are going to discuss, How you can download the Aashram season 1. We never support any piracy of movies. here, we provide only an overview of the Aashram season 1 download telegram link, Mx Player, Afilmywp

Aashram season 1 newly releads on 28 August 2020, The story of an Aashram season 1, is coming on the Ott screen from 28 August 2020. its online version available in multiple resolutions like 480p, 720P, 1080p

You can download it in many versions such as 1080P BlueRay, Web-Dl, HD Rip, WebRip, And Mp4 Videos format.

This series is available in many formats and on many Hd platforms

Aashram season 1 download telegram link 480p

Series Name:Aashram
Directed By:Prakash Jha
Release Date:28 August 2020

Aashram Story

A duplicitous ashram founded on the Indian Godman’s goodness, his deeds are used to promote illegal and sinful activities including rapes murder, drugs, voting in bank politics, and forced male sexual emasculation. The law, along with some crusaders is investigating to hold him accountable.

The fictional city Kashipur is an empire founded by an alleged Godman who is known as Kashipur waale Baba Nirala, who derives his authority from his influence over the lower levels of society. He has frequently defended their cause and they believe him as their messiah. A girl from the lower caste, Pammi is attracted by his love for him as the man comes to her aid. The sudden appearance of a body in the nearby forest disturbs the peace of the city during the critical moment of the upcoming state elections. The connections of the investigation seem to lead to one location the ASHRAM. The real face of Kashipur Waale Baba Nirala unfolds, and a myriad of dark secrets of Aashram is exposed by Inspector Ujagar Singh and the constable Sadhu. However, when he ropes in the famous pop star Tinka Singh, Baba rises as the symbol of the young. With the rise of his popularity and recognition, Baba becomes the center of attention for both candidates in the forthcoming state elections. Pammi has transformed into a blind follower of Baba and continues to thrive in the Aashram. How long can her blind devotion to Baba last? For, in the midst of the holy image of a messiah is the real monster that presides over young girls. What will happen to Pammi’s story be different from the other girls that fell victim to this nexus deep?

Kashipurwale Baba Nirala (Monty) has a large following and is revered as a god. He runs an Aashram that offers all the basic amenities. The village is divided because of the cast distinction where the lower caste Satti is slammed by the upper castes in an event of the wedding. Sarti is not treated with respect however with the coming of Baba all things change. Satti along with his younger sister Pammi who is a wrestler, decide to commit their lives to Baba along with their Aashram. The Aashram has lot many secrets, as Baba is not who appears to be, but an erroneous godman who makes use of individuals for his benefit. Inspector Ujagar and his aide constable find dead bodies on the grounds of the Aashram along with the help of Dr. Natasha they decide to reveal him. But Baba is known to indict people on false charges or even kill them with assistance from his close friend Bhopa who follows his way.

Series Cast  

Bobby Deol Kashipur waale Baba Nirala
Chandan Roy Sanyal Bhopa Swami
Aditi Sudhir Pohankar Pammi
Darshan Kumaar Ujagar Singh
Anupriya Goenka Dr. Natasha
Vikram Kochhar Sadhu
Tushar Pandey Satti
Sachin Shroff Hukum Singh
Anurita Jha Kavita
Rajeev Siddhartha Akki
Parinita Seth Sadhvi Mata
Preeti Sood Sanober (2020)
Jahangir Khan Michael (2020)
Dimpy Mishra Girl’s Hostel Warden
Navdeep Tomar Sunny (2020)9 episodes, 2020 
Anil Rastogi CM Sundar Lal
Tanmay Ranjan Dilawar
Mirza Azhar Ghaba
Kanupriya Gupta Mohini 
Tridha Choudhury Babita
Akanksha Pandey Renu
Iamrealmohsin Bhakt
Prashant Singh Amrit and Amit
Hemant Choudhary I.G. Chauhan
Amit Sinha I. G. Sharma
Pulkit Kumar
Ravish Srivastava Pramukh sevadar
Drkartikaypandey Dr. Chandel
Adhyayan Suman Tinka Singh
Razia Khanam Report
Tulika Banerjee Baba’s Wife
Janardan Jha
Arpit Mishra Judge
Vikram Sharma Truck Driver
Rishikesh Tiwari Sangeeta brother
Akhilesh Tripathi Baba’s Son

Aashram season 1 download telegram link

Aashram season 1 download Filmywap

On Filmywap you will find the entire collection from Hollywood, Bollywood, and other films in different languages. The pirated copy of the film will be posted in HD print resolution soon, Which is not legal, you should go and purchase the subscription. and Ashram is available on MxPlayer.

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How to download Aashram season 1

You should go for MX Player, buy a subscription watch and enjoy it with your family.

Disclaimer: This website never promotes any piracy content through this or any other website or any platform. This website is for informational purposes only. In this article, we only give information. Piracy is an act of crime & It is considered a serious offence under the copyright act of 1957. Please stay away from such websites, and choose the right way to download movies.

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